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You have a lot of titles and you wear a lot of hats. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Staff Officer, Managing Director, Secretary General, Executive Director - whatever your title the job is the same - you're in charge. You report to your Board, your members, your staff, your financiers, you're regulatory agencies, your peers, and your family. Not always in that order. You've decided to or thinking about a career where your masters are many and the compensation adequate, often equal to or exceeding what your friends make in the private sector. There are other intangible rewards as well, which is, in part, why you continue to work in the services sector.

Real Board Solutions considers you a resource and will assist you to develop your personal skill set; your tangible and intangible assets and work collaboratively to build a career plan and path to ensure you're always growing, reaching, striving, thriving and achieving your life goals.

As your career partner, RBS will help to:

MD Assessment

RBS considers an assessment a personal action initiated by the Managing Director. The assessment is multifaceted and will involve formal written assessments, observations, situational analysis, role playing as well as standardized Industrial Psychological testing. The information gleaned is considered confidential between RSB and the MD and will be used to build the MD's coaching and mentoring program. Our methods reveal the true strengths and weaknesses of an MD, as well as the underlying drivers of their performance. This information sheds light on an individual's suitability for a given role, and on how that executive could best be developed and deployed. As a result, we often act as a catalyst to help leaders enhance or rethink their talent strategy.

MD Evaluation

Managing Director Evaluations are public to the extent that they may be shared with the President, Executive, or Board of Directors. Evaluations are carried out at the request of the Board, and may be joint ventures between the Managing Director and their employer. Many of the same techniques are used as in the Assessments; however the process tends to be more formal.

Benefits of Evaluating the Chief Executive

Evaluating the Managing Director is a primary responsibility of the Board.

There are several key benefits from this evaluation, including that the process:

  1. Ensures the Board is meeting its duty to effectively lead the organization
  2. Ensures organizational goals are being met
  3. Ensures continued development of the Managing Director to more effectively conduct his or her role
  4. Ensures a formal and documented evaluation process that meets standards of fairness and practicality
  5. Ensures the Managing Director values his or her role, is benefiting from it and therefore is more likely to stay (finding good Managing Directors' is increasingly difficult)
  6. Leaves written record of the Board's impression of the Managing Director's performance in case this record is needed for future verification, e.g., for salary increases, probationary activities, firing, etc.

Evaluations may be annual, bi-annual or as the need arises, however regularly scheduled evaluations tend to produce better results.


3R's: Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships

Fundamentally, you're the leader. The board relies on you for advice and guidance, your staff for organization products and programs and your stakeholders for timely engagement.

You must be the visionary, while having one eye over the horizon, while the other focussed on the day to day operations.

You make the decisions within a broad policy framework that your board has provided.

You manage all things great and small.

You develop your people, Board Members, volunteers, staff and members.

For this you receive a King's Ransom! If it were only so.

Real Board Solutions can assist you with clarifying your roles, responsibilities and relationships inside the organization and develop effective strategies to assist you, the Professional Leader, to implement those strategies.

The successful technique(s) will be unique to your situation usually involving a combination of mentoring/coaching and personal development activities. In some cases direct advocation to the Board may be required. Think of RBS's as your agent.

Is your governance working? Are you using the correct governance model or perhaps one that is "out of date" or no longer relevant?

Do you have concerns about?

Governance comes from the Greek meaning to "steer" as in steering a ship. Governance in not-for-profits refers to the decision making units and their relationship, effectiveness, authority and responsibility. A look inside any not-for-profit suggests there is no shortage of challenges. Steering a ship is a very difficult process at the best of times. Ineffective governance at a not-for-profit is also very difficult, costly and, is unnecessary. The investment in insuring good governance far outweighs the costs of "incorrect" or "poor" governance.

Real Board Solutions has been providing sound governance consulting for over 16 years in virtually every not-for-profit sector. Depending upon the needs of the client Real Board Solutions can provide governance reviews, workshops, strategic planning facilitation, Board and/or CEO training, evaluation.

Real life, long term solutions....


P.E.E.R: Professional Extended Educational Reviews

RBS knows it's lonely at the top. No one really knows what you do, no one to really compare notes with, and no one to grab good ideas from. RBS's convenes on a monthly basis a number of its current, former and future clients, all who have the role of being the Professional Leader in their organization.

Events are informal, with a pre-selected educational topic at each session, a discussion period, and chances to test you're theories and approaches to the issue in a group of peers who have an empathic understanding of the issues.

More than make and take, more than Master Minding, more of an opportunity to bring some real live and pressing situations to a group of esteemed colleagues for guidance, insight and support.

By invitation only.

Executive Placement

Who is looking after your career? RBS understands the nature of the industry and how changes in Board's, Elected Leaders, external events and timing can find Professional Leaders looking for new employment.

Real Board Solutions offers career planning, career development and Executive Placement services.

Just as all organizations should have succession planning in place so too should Professional Leaders.

An extension of RBS's Managing Director Assessments, RBS's conducts a matrix fit between the Professional Leaders skills and strengths and matches with the best projected fit to industries and organizational types.

This is a long term strategy, as part of the career planning process to ensure the Professional Leader is advancing their tangible and intangible assets to make them an attractive candidate in their next career move.

Successful Professional Directors can consider a career advancing move approximately every 5 years and certainly every 10 years at the outside.

While the technical or industry knowledge may have started a career, management, leadership, relationships and parallel transferable skills and knowledge will continue to advance it.

C-Level Coaching

All great athletes are well coached as they understand that their native talent needs to be refined, nurtured and expressed in an appropriate manner.

Coachable athletes, like all top level performers understand that great coaching is a bond between a coach and the performer built upon mutual trust and respect.

Most it's built on honest third party assessments and advice. As Harry Truman said, "I never give them hell, I just tell them the truth and they think it's hell."

The engagements are formal contracts between the Professional Leader and RSB that stipulate the deliverables, time frames, and set the goals for achievement.

Coaching can be done face-to-face or via phone or other electronic means and will include ongoing questions, affirmations and accountabilities to chart a clear path towards goal attainment.

Real Board Solutions will make an assessment of the candidate's readiness for coaching, the coaching culture and make recommendations about the likelihood of success in a coaching engagement before a contract is let.

Coaching may be performance based or Life skill based or both depending upon the client's needs and requirements.


Part of every successful Professional Leader is developing their industry or Organization credential set, or specific skill sets. Credentials, aren't necessarily about "what you know" as much as they are about "who you met" along the way and a clear demonstration that you are prepared to do the work to improve yourself in the formal part of your education.

Professional Leaders who are managing their career well should be considering upgrading or enhancing their credential set on a bi-annual basis. This is part of a successful career strategy, allowing you to stay current with emerging trends and add to your demonstrable skill set.

RBS works with its clients to assist them in their credentialing journey by recommending appropriate certifications to attain, assisting with exam preparation and general success coaching.

Knowledge & Skill Sets

From time to time Professional Leaders may want to review and enhance their individual knowledge and skill sets in the many faceted worlds of Organization Leadership & Management.

This list should not be considered a compendium but the major areas of personal and professional focus. Today's and possibly for all time, leaders that have enhanced people skills seem to be the long term achievers over those who merely possess technical skill sets.

While one cannot be overlooked at the expense of the other its best practice to plan on mutual enhancements.

Topics RBS's can assist with:

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