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Strategic Planning and Restructuring

Our expertise can great assist you in this often overlooked aspect of Organization management. Strategic planning determines where an organization is going over the next year or more, how it's going to get there and how it'll know if it got there or not. The development of the strategic plan greatly helps to clarify the organization's plans and ensure that key leaders are all "on the same script". Far more important than the strategic plan document, is the strategic planning process itself.

Among these services are:

Strategic Plan Review

It never hurts to have a second opinion.

Strategic Plans are often in need of annual or bi-annual review as Boards change membership, the environment shifts and there are new challenges to respond to, or old ones to do a better job at.

As strategic plans can consume a lot of an organization's resources it's not practical or essential to always start on a clean slate and generate a completely new plan. It's often more pragmatic to review the current plan to determine if it's still relevant or what components may benefit from further review or planning.

The ideal time to review a strategic plan is:

The review can be formal or informal, and may involve the Board, Staff and/or membership. The process may involve interviews, surveys, workshops and stakeholder reviews. The analysis, reports and presentations are in keeping with the size of your organization and its appetite to embrace change.

Strategic Thinking

Competency – Mission – Relationship is a strategic thinking methodology. This assesses an organization's Mission, reviews its current competencies and relationships and makes assessments and recommendations about achieving optimum performance.

It's not a budget or expenditure analysis but a focused engagement on having the correct mission, competencies and relationships to achieve the mission.


The methodology includes a refined detailed description of all the soft and hard competencies currently possessed by the organization. An example of a soft competence would be an understanding of a specific market and of a hard competence would be an ability to deliver a specific program.

In Summary, the process directs the enterprise towards the maximization of its skills and the best focus to achieve its mission.


The outcome from the application of CMR® includes the identification of:


Board 3R's: Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships

Is your governance working? Are you using the correct governance model or perhaps one that is "out of date" or no longer relevant?

Do you have concerns about?

Governance comes from the Greek meaning to "steer" as in steering a ship. Governance in not-for-profits refers to the decision making units and their relationship, effectiveness, authority and responsibility. A look inside any not-for-profit suggests there is no shortage of challenges. Steering a ship is a very difficult process at the best of times. Ineffective governance at a not-for-profit is also very difficult, costly and, is unnecessary. The investment in insuring good governance far outweighs the costs of "incorrect" or "poor" governance.

Real Board Solutions has been providing sound governance consulting for over 16 years in virtually every not-for-profit sector. Depending upon the needs of the client Real Board Solutions can provide governance reviews, workshops, strategic planning facilitation, Board and/or CEO training, evaluation. Real life, long term solutions....

Board Development & Governance

Real Board Solutions can provide a range of services that will ensure sound governance practices in your organization. We can help you achieve a high-performing Board through an affordable, effective and experienced approach that delivers improved productivity, better processes, increased capacity and enhanced communication for your Board.

Do you have concerns about?

Governance comes from the Greek meaning to "steer" as in steering a ship. Governance in not-for-profits refers to the decision making units and their relationship, effectiveness, authority and responsibility. A look inside any not-for-profit suggests there is no shortage of challenges. Steering a ship is a very difficult process at the best of times. Ineffective governance at a not-for-profit is also very difficult, costly and, is unnecessary. The investment in insuring good governance far outweighs the costs of "incorrect" or "poor" governance.

Real Board Solutions has been providing sound governance consulting for over 15 years in virtually every not-for-profit sector. Depending upon the needs of the client Real Board Solutions can provide governance reviews, workshops, strategic planning facilitation, Board and/or CEO training, evaluation.

Real life, long term solutions..........

Among these services are:

Cultural Assessments

Knowing the internal and external operational environments is vital to understanding the validity of  your organizations role.  This is often a ‘conceptual gap’ between the real and the perceived.  What do your publics think you should be doing, what do they think you’re doing and how well do they think you’re doing it?  All relevant questions if your organization is contemplating change of direction, a major project, campaign or other significant activity. 

More than a public relations exercise Real Board Solutions looks outside your organization to assess major issues and factors that may impact your organizations mission in the foreseeable future, usually a 3 to 5 year horizon. 

These external and independent assessments can be of great assistance to calibrating your organizations mission to fit emerging or changing needs. 

External publics can include:

Organizational Reviews

Too often service providers rely on their own ideas and enthusiasm to decide what their customers or clients really need and whether their products or services are truly fulfilling that need.

We will help you understand, validate and increase the impact your services or products have on your members, and other stakeholders. This review process will also explore your delivery systems to make them more efficient and less expensive.

We will help you evaluate your programs to see how efficiently it is running and help determine if it is meeting your initial goals and objectives. This evaluation will offer suggestions on improvements which will assist in a more successful implementation.

Once we've helped you develop assessments of your organization, we give you the tools and models by which to analyze the results. This is a non-intrusive cooperative effort which over the long term will allow the organization to:

These will include individual positions, teams, projects, processes, functions, programs and the organization as a whole.

Board Evaluation

Our thoughtful director evaluation process protects directors from feeling they are being held under a microscope.

In our well-executed evaluation, the relevant data will be handled, analyzed and reported not only with sensitivity to the inter-personal dynamics on the board and its directors, but also with an eye to individual directors' professional reputations and personal liabilities.

A creative, thoughtful approach to director evaluation permits clear analysis of Organization strategy, board and management roles, board composition, skills, development priorities, action plans and prior year comparisons. It also allows for well-crafted communication among the directors, board and management, and sends a positive message to volunteers and the community that directors are on top of their game. We help examine all aspects of your roles and responsibilities.

We will assist in:

Operations Evaluation

Our mantra while working in partnership with organizations and management is one of cooperative support. First and foremost we help evaluate management's thinking about what your programs are all about, the thinking surrounding management's goals and how to reach those goals.

We will evaluate management's components that produce data and verify results, which then can be used for public relations to promote your services in the membership.

It is human nature to believe that when the decision is made to hire an outside evaluator, program managers and staff believe that the evaluation is "out of their hands."

This is not true with Solutions for Organizations. We cannot do our job effectively without the cooperation and assistance of all parties involved.

These can include:

Program Evaluation

We give experienced analysis to ensure your programs are carried out efficiently. We also offer analyses and interpretation of programs and offer suggestions of any areas that need refinement from either the senior management or board, perspectives.

Our use of evaluation in volunteer management can determine the goals and needs of a program in order to appropriately assign volunteers, as well as to keep track of volunteers' performance, effectiveness, and estimate their time value.

We will:

We will assist in:

Revenue Generation

Non dues revenue generation is the bane of all organizations; it's also the life blood.  Determining how to leverage the organizations unique offerings to generate new revenue is an art form, and generally organizations generate more enthusiasm than profit for these ventures.  Membership needs, competing time priorities and even competing with the membership for scarce resources can prove challenging.  RBS will:

Our methods are quite unique and successful. We are very dedicated to delivering the right solution and in addition, we commit ourselves to developing the right path to get there. We dedicate ourselves to grow with successful non-profits through applied knowledge and experience, which ultimately will lead to incredible decision making, improved involvement by all in your Organization and real success!

Organizational Development & Human Resources

Real Board Solutions has an extensive track record in helping Boards meet high-performance standards so they truly can move an organization towards stability, strength, sustainability and success.


Executive Search

The complexities of an executive search sometimes reveal an unexpected direction that a nonprofit must take to effectively fill its leadership needs. At Real Board Solutions we emphasize a complete partnership in this extremely important element of the success of your organization. Although each and every executive search assignment will be customized to the client's unique situation, we have developed a "best practices" approach to providing all clients with the executive search assistance that they need.

We will draft a comprehensive executive search report that represents the current and future leadership needs of the organization. This report will describe the role, title, reporting relationships, education, and experience required to meet the agreed upon performance criteria.

We will identify qualified potential candidates through our sources and candidate files, new research, and through conversations with individuals in the industry. Original research and an experienced targeted recruiting strategy are essential to finding professionals with the appropriate mix of qualifications, motivation, compensation level, and interest.

During the search process, we provide clients with an analysis, which includes a summary of potential candidates. This allows us to report our progress early on, inform the client of feedback we are receiving from the field, and receive feedback from the client on the preliminary candidates' qualifications.

Our Services Include:

Our Executive Search programs create a relationship in finding the best candidates for all positions required.

Interim Professional Leader

Our management control and cooperative coordination program includes a broad range of activities to ensure that Organization goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient fashion.

Imagine having an experienced Interim Executive Director working with a great system designed to build the capacity of your non-profit!

We can provide stability to your Organization; while most importantly, allowing your other organizations' leaders to concentrate on strategic issues that will add value to the organization for their membership. We remove the burden of day-to-day operations.

We will:

The programs offer specialized resources, enriched through customized strategic coaching for Board placement. The ease of the burden of recruiting competent and enthusiastic board members is an area which we specialize in and will also allows you to concentrate on more strategic issues.

By easing your responsibilities we provide a value-added opportunity for new and potential non-profit Board members to learn new skills in how to function on a Board of Directors. Our service provides new board members with a comprehensive introduction to nonprofit management concepts and practices. These will include legal constraints, liabilities, management of staff and volunteers, building successful nonprofit revenue generating techniques and creating a successful management approach to effectively deal with the unique challenges of operating a nonprofit organization.

Let us help recruit full-time and part-time staff and provide staff on an interim basis to fill short-term requirements of clients, and find skilled and effective Executive Director Candidates for your Organization.

We are you your positive solution for:

Director mentoring is our effective way to build leadership skills, navigate change, overcome challenges and bring new energy to your organization.

Our proven methods are an extremely powerful tool for leadership and professional development in the non-profit sectors.

We will handle all aspects of your organization by enhancing or helping with:

Succession planning and new Executive Director search.

As you're founding and long term executive directors start to move on in other directions it is important to have a succession plan in place. Our succession plan helps prepare staff and the board for changes to come.

Real Board Solutions works with the executive director, board and senior staff to ensure a smooth transition and develop an emergency and/or long-term succession plan for the departure of a CEO and/or key management staff. We specialize in providing founders, long-tenured executives and board leaders with coaching and organizational assistance in preparation for an executive transition.

We are committed to recruiting non-profit executives who possess the experience and leadership qualities necessary to help your Organization manage change and achieve your goals.

You as a volunteer manager need to be an excellent administrator in order to track and coordinate the many responsibilities volunteers are asked to undertake on behalf of an Organization. You will greatly benefit from learning strong coaching and training skills in order to ensure safe, purposeful and appropriate participation in all activities. We will aid you in achieving these goals.

Again, envision a helping cooperative hand easing your burden with Volunteer Management!

Customized Training Services

In planning any orientation or training, one must consider the question, "What would someone need to know to feel comfortable and competent in carrying out this position?"

We help you answer that question and lead you to the design of your training program. We can also assist in design and implementation.

Since volunteers are important ambassadors of your organization, they need to know as much about its mission and services as possible.

We will design a program that gives your managers the information they need to engage, enlighten and instruct your organization's volunteers.

Individuals and volunteers who make up steering committees and committee managers also need training and orientation to avoid trial-and-error efforts that result in many wasted hours. Here again Real Board Solutions can use tried and tested methods to meet your specific requirements.

We can assist through:

Training is an integral part of all high performing Organizations. It builds the skills and enthusiasm of employees and volunteers and strengthens organizations so that they can continue to provide needed services to our communities. The new intricacies and expectations from members and regulators make nonprofit challenges particularly unique.

Our training is customized to meet the specific needs of your staff, board, volunteers and other stakeholders. Our training provides you with the tools and practical experience needed to be a great CEO and Director of Volunteers, whether you are a new to the position or have years of experience.

We are dedicated to preparing you to meet the complex economic and operational challenges that are unique to nonprofit Organizations. Our training combines the theories of nonprofit management with best practices of effective nonprofit Organizations. You as a leader learn skills that help define goals, adhere to mission, and respond to demands of your volunteers, staff and community.

CEO and Board Volunteer Director Training Program Ensures You:

Our methods of training plays a critical role in successful volunteer management in that it serves as an orientation or transitional period for volunteers to get acquainted with the organization, its practices and applicable skills. The goal of volunteer management will be within the framework of the Organization and creating a potential for growth and sustainability.

Contact us today for an initial free consultation on how our services can help improve your Organization's processes and outcomes.

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