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The countdown has begun on the new British Columbia Societies Act. Some of my clients have to change the date of their Annual General Meeting. The Act is complex in some areas and to further confuse issues, organizations that consider themselves to be membership-based may not be recognized as such depending upon their funding structure. Removing all non-alterable clauses from bylaws will cause some major issues, as some financial institutions require certain non-alterable clauses to remain. Quite a quandary. Don’t be alarmed, but do be aware that the time has come to begin planning.

The following article was written by George Bryce, an experienced Vancouver Lawyer who specializes in non-profit preventable law. George has put together a simple, straight forward article on the ‘need to know’ areas for Chief Staff Officers and Board Members.

Are You Ready For The New Societies Act?

The new Societies Act will come into force on November 28, 2016, and the current Society Act will then be repealed. Now that we know this critical date, societies should be considering several issues and taking steps now to ensure their eventually transition to the new Act will be as painless as possible. Read More


Congratulations To Recent Chief Executive Officer Appointments

Special congratulations and well wishes are due to three experienced and respected British Columbia Chief Staff Officers who have moved on to new opportunities.

Rebecca Tunnacliffe, Chief Executive Officer of the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association

Kevin Evans, Chief Executive Officer of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia

Dwight Yochim, Executive Director of the BC Egg Marketing Board

Congratulations Rebecca, Kevin and Dwight!

Board Myth #1

While we all realize this is a Board myth, the good news is that many Boards are requesting training and orientation in Board roles and responsibilities. The not so good news is that many other Boards are not or they are obtaining training from inexperienced, yet well-meaning individuals. This often results in confusion, lack of clarification in areas such as perceived conflict of interest issues, and the dreaded ‘micro managing’ scenario. Many high-performing Associations and other Non-profits include training as a budget line item as well as ensure appropriate training is identified in their policy manuals.

If you would like more information on Board training or mentoring, please email me at

I've put together a Best Board Practices Orientation Checklist that I think you will find useful. Click here to download it now.


Is your organization ready for when you leave?Attracting Students to Your Organization

Attracting students to your organization can be a challenging, yet necessary strategy in order to grow and develop your organization. This article may be helpful for those who are beginning or are in the process of recruiting students. Read More


Closing Thoughts

Our April Board Briefing will address John Carver’s Policy Governance Board Model. Of the many Boards I have worked with over the past twenty years many, if not all, who have instituted the Carver Model have added their own hybrid additions to it. The hybrid aspect added changes from time to time and can be depended upon the Boards style at that time. Handled haphazardly, confusion can be quite common. Clarification and quick review of this model is timely.

Contact me with your questions at

Terry Clark
About Terry Clark

Terry J. Clark CAE, the Founder and President of Real Board Solutions is a results-oriented, not-for-profit professional who has a unique background and skill set that volunteer board members and their staff truly appreciate.

For the past 19 years Terry has advised hundreds of not-for-profit Boards of Directors and their senior staff members. As past Executive Director with a high profile business association, Terry has also served as an interim Executive Director with eight organizations.

His consulting practice focuses on executive search, Board development, strategic planning, operational reviews, executive director compensation and mentorship/coaching. He has provided those services to not-for-profits in virtually every not-for-profit sector in Western Canada, North West Territories, the Yukon and California.

Terry is a Certified Association Executive (CAE), a Past Area Governor of Toastmasters International and was educated at the University of British Columbia. He possesses leading-edge Non Profit "best practices" and combines them with real life experiences to provide not-for-profits Boards and their staff with real solutions.

In 2013 the Canadian Society of Association Executives presented Terry with the prestigious ACE Award (Association Cornerstone of Excellence) in the ‘Above and Beyond’ Category.

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