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Based on annual statics, supplemented by significant observation, 40% of the Canadian not for profit, senior staff officers did not get their annual employee evaluation in 2013, are you one of that 40%, if so, how disappointing is that? Of the remainder who did receive an employee evaluation questioned the evaluation process, timing and/or accuracy. How disappointing is this???

Frank's performance appraisalAs this is our December newsletter I have an early Christmas gift for you. It’s one of my favorite templates for you to use for your 2014 personal employee evaluation. It may have to be tweaked a bit for your specific situation however I do think this is one of the better ones. You can find a really good template for your next employee evaluation in the YOUR ASSIGNMENT section which is below.

We all have highlights in our career’s and as this year winds down it’s a great opportunity to reflect on on your career to determine if you are winning the awards you deserve , in whatever format is important to you. It could include been compensated appropriately or as being recognized by your board of directors for the exceptional work you have done over the past year. It’s difficult to receive that genuine praise from the Board without them having given you a formal employee evaluation which is the topic in the feature article below.

Winning an award presented from your peers is an incredible and rewarding experience. It’s with sincere appreciation that I thank the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) for presenting me with the 2013 Association Cornerstone Award (ACE) in the category ‘Going Above and Beyond’

Terry being presented ACE award

PS Welcome to all of the new readers who have joined the Real Board Community over the past month.

Terry Clark

Feature Article

The Role of a Board Search Committee in the Recruiting Process

Conducting a CEO search that involves external candidates, several internal candidates or both is a time-consuming and intense process. The timeframes associated with meeting and interview schedules can be demanding. For this reason, many boards choose to assign these responsibilities to a special search committee which it creates to take on these tasks on the board’s behalf.

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We realize that some organizations conduct their own recruitment, it could be a budget consideration or the board may feel it has sufficient not for profit HR hiring experience. (Keeping in mind hiring a not for profit senior executive is very different that hiring a Manager in the private or public sector) While we do not recommend this ‘do it yourself’ recruitment for a number of reasons, we realize some organizations are going to and its in everyone’s best interests in having the process and tools in order to hire the best person possible.

Earlier this year we held a complementary webinar on “How to Hire Your Own Executive Director” It was very popular and as a result we will be doing another one late in January. Our January newsletter will have all of the details including the time and a link in order to sign up for it.

Immediately following are 4 recent Chief Staff Officer positions that have recently been filled. In addition there are 3 Executive Director positions available. Please keep in mind that up to 50% of all senior not-for-profit staff positions are recruited without using advertising. If you are interested in one of these unadvertised opportunities please send me your resume, in confidence to

Congratulations for your appointments:

  • Wayne Leslie, BC Adaptive Snow Sports Association
  • Rick Benson, British Columbia Amateur Softball Association
  • David Sheach, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Fraser Valley
  • Rick Nickelchok, BC Chiropractic Association

Not for Profit Senior Management Positions Available:


If many of you wait for your annual employee evaluation, you may have a long wait. Some Boards can find 101 reasons to delay it or even worse give you an ineffective evaluation as mentioned above.

This month I am providing you with a complimentary Executive Director/CEO Performance Evaluation template. This template identifies the core compencencies of a not-for-profit chief staff officer. When used effectively, it provides a wealth of information.

To use the Performance Evaluation template effectively, here are a couple tips:

  • Ensure that the board chair understands the significance of the evaluation and suggested results so that he/she will ensure that the recommendations are implemented.
  • Whenever possible, ensure that more than one person scores and presents the document to reduce bias (we all know there is someone on the board that doesn't particularly like the work the Executive Director is doing.

Your assignment is to design a process to use this template with your board so that you have a fair employee evaluation, each and every year. Questions, concerns?? If so, give me a call at 604.737.9992.

About Terry Clark

Terry J. Clark CAE, the Founder and President of Real Board Solutions is a results-oriented, not-for-profit professional who has a unique background and skill set that volunteer board members and their staff truly appreciate.

For the past 19 years Terry has advised hundreds of not-for-profit Boards of Directors and their senior staff members. As past Executive Director with a high profile business association, Terry has also served as an interim Executive Director with eight organizations.

His consulting practice focuses on executive search, Board development, strategic planning, operational reviews, executive director compensation and mentorship/coaching. He has provided those services to not-for-profits in virtually every not-for-profit sector in Western Canada, North West Territories, the Yukon and California. He has recently become 'certified' by Directors and Officers Liability Insurance underwriters so that Associations who have taken his board orientation receive a discount on their D&O insurance annual premiums.

Terry is a Certified Association Executive (CAE), a Past Area Governor of Toastmasters International and was educated at the University of British Columbia. He possesses leading-edge Non Profit "best practices" and combines them with real life experiences to provide not-for-profits Boards and their staff with real solutions.

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