For Senior Staff and/or Board of Directors

Are you unclear about your governance model?

Are some Board members confused in their roles and responsibilities?

Do some of your meetings tend to be unproductive?

Are you finding the CEO/Board
relationship stressful?


Running a productive and profitable non-profit organization takes strategy, skill and stewardship. Sometimes these key elements can get lost in the shuffle when having too many hats to wear, trying to accomplish too many things all at once and handling too many crises that take a lot of time and energy to solve.

Real Board Solutions provides experienced Chief Staff Officer Recruiting, Board of Director Development and Executive Mentoring/Coaching services for all Non-Profits and Public Sector organizations, Board of Directors, management and staff.

If you're ready to be proactive and do what is needed to take your organization to the next level, give us a call and we'll talk about solutions specific for your needs that will get your organization on track and where it needs to be.

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